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We are going to walk you through the process of how we flood your ATS with applicants.

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The first thing we do when receiving a new listing from you is post it on to our own driver board at TheDriverBoard.com. By posting it onto our own driver board it helps us bring your listing exposure from all of our organic traffic and applicant leads, as well as inherit leads from other listings on our website as well.

Job Board Syndication

After posting your listing on our own driver board, we syndicate that listing to our entire XML Partner Network. This allows us to spread your job listing around to as many other job boards as possible to help maximize your job listings exposure. Below, we have included just a very small list of some of our partners.

Recruitment Portal

Having your own custom recruitment portal allows you to look more reputable to potential applicants. It brings another level of trust, and respect between the applicant and you to increase the chances of landing the drivers that you need.

When we create your custom recruitment portal it allows us to customize the looks, and the call to actions to best suit the types of drivers that you’re looking for.

Having your own custom recruitment portal allows us to funnel our applicant leads to a location that is about you, and only you. Typical job posting sites will show them your listing, and many others at the same time. With our custom recruitment portal the available position is truly all about your company.

ATS Integration

After finalizing your own custom built recruitment portal we will now integrate that portal into your Applicant Tracking System. This will allow us to send all of the applicant data in real-time to your ATS. Having this ability allows us to utilize our custom made portal for driving applicant leads to apply to your position, while also making sure all applicants get sent into your systems.

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Social Media Targeting

Our in-house skilled marketing experts utilize the powers of social media to help target quality applicants and drive them into your recruitment portal. This allows us to ensure all leads coming through your ATS are properly vetted and high quality.


Strategic ad placement to capture targeted applicants.


Geotargeting applicants specific to your region.


Business to Business strategies to target your audience.

Capture Applicants

We capture applicants from all social media platforms. We then deliver the applicant data from your job portal to your Applicant Tracking System.

All that’s left is for you to interview your potential drivers.

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